Be Prepared — What You'll Need

Getting your loan is the most important piece of the puzzle toward owning a home.

If you are paying cash, you will need to show proof of funds in the amount of the contract purchase price. This is easily done by obtaining a letter from your financial institution verifying that you have the money in your account.

If you need a mortgage, please gather the following prior to your meeting with your lender.

Income Items

  • Current Pay Stubs (Most recent 30 Days worth of paystubs)
  • Last 2 Years W-2s and/or 1099’s (if applicable)
  • Federal Tax Returns For The Past Two Years - Including All Schedules With Any Associated W-2s, K-1s, Or 1099s
  • Bank Statements For The Past Two Months - All Pages
  • Investment Account Statements For The Past Two Months - All Numbered Pages
  • Retirement Account Statements For The Past Two Months - All Numbered Pages
  • Copy of Driver’s License and Social Security Cards For All Loan Applicants
  • Credit or Debit Card Information For Appraisal Order

If you currently own Real Estate

  • Copy Of Most Recent Mortgage Account Statement For All Properties Owned
  • Home Insurance Policy Information
  • Home Equity Account Information (If Applicable)
  • Copy of Property Tax Bill For the Most Recent Year

Other Documents You May Need

  • Copy of purchase agreement (if you have already made an offer)
  • Receipt of child support (IF CONSIDERED AS INCOME)
    • Copy of Divorce Settlement (to show the amount)
    • Copies of twelve months canceled checks to document actual receipt of funds
  • Landlord's name, address, and phone number (if you rent)
  • Copy of bankruptcy papers if you have filed bankruptcy within the last seven years
  • VA Loans Copy of DD214